Laboratory Technologist


  TITLE:   PRN MT, MLS, MLT DEPARTMENT:    CLINICAL LABOR   JOB SUMMARY: Under the direction of the Laboratory Director of Laboratory Supervisory Personnel, the Laboratory Technologist performs all the laboratory tests performed in which-ever section (or sections) of the Laboratory that person is assigned to, operates all instruments that are currently being used in the department, and is responsible for minor trouble-shooting and maintenance of instruments used in the department. The Medical Technologist is required to work with little or no direct supervision on relief and evening shifts.  May be asked to take call when required, and be in charge in the absence of the Laboratory Director.   WORK PERFORMED: Performs all of the diagnostic test and procedures which are done in the assigned section and/or sections of the laboratory.  Draws and processes blood specimens.  Maintains department protocol and records.  Maintains quality control records.  Reports out test results.  Correlates results of multiple tests before reporting.  Maintains laboratory instruments in proper working order.  Troubleshoots when indicated.  Instructs new employees in department procedures when assigned by the Laboratory Director.  Prepares reagents and standards and verifies accuracy against present supplies.  Performs related work as required.   QUALIFICATIONS: A. Education and Training: MLT – Associate of Science degree in Med Lab Technology MLS/MT – Bachelor of Science   B. Training and experience: Internship at approved school of Medical Technology or minimum two years experience.   C. Job Knowledge: Must be able to draw blood.  Must be able to operate instruments currently employed in the laboratory. Must be familiar with tests, test procedures and principles of tests performed in the Laboratory.   D. Aptitudes and Interests: Must have ability to communicate verbally and/or in writing with peers and superiors, be able to work under supervision and also with little or no supervision, be able to recognize problems and perform minor troubleshooting.  Must have an interest in quality health care.   WORKING CONDITIONS:   The Laboratory is spacious, well-lighted and air conditioned.  The number of interruptions in routine  work may vary with Stats, phone calls, and requests for information.  The MT will be required to multitask in all areas of lab. The position can be either full or part time, with most shifts 8-12 hours in duration.  The person may be assigned to work any of the day, relief, or night shifts.  It also involves working weekends and taking call when indicated.     ACCURACY:   Accuracy in technical procedures, preparing reagent, and clerical procedures is necessary for correct laboratory results.  Results that are not accurate may lead to incorrect clinical decisions by the practitioner. Universal precaution is to be exercised, since work in some sections involves concentrated acids, blood with hepatitis and other specimens that may contain organisms causing infectious diseases.   DEMANDS:  A. Social Must be able to work well with other hospital personnel. Employee is expected to maintain professionalism with coworkers and patients.  Employee is expected to maintain high standards and ethics. Employee is to be friendly and outgoing with a positive attitude.   B. Physical Manual dexterity is required to draw blood and perform the testing of the blood.  Ability to move 30 to 40 pounds to stock supplies and move or support patients.  The person will be standing or walking for prolonged times, using instrumentation and various manual testing procedures.  Good eyesight is required to differentiate color and texture.  Must be able to operate scientific equipment, perform chemical and mathematical calculations, perform technical procedures and make simple mechanical adjustments and repairs.  Must present a neat, clean, professional appearance.   C. Mental Must be mentally alert to errors in his/her own work and the work performed by others within the department.  Must be able to handle emergency situations with ease, efficiency and accuracy.  Must be able to adjust to shortage of personnel and/or unforeseen breakdown of instruments.  Must be able to make decisions in the absence of higher authority.  Must possess self confidence.  Must have initiative in organizing work and managing a definite work load.   D. Emotional At times, may be under some degree of tension because of  STAT requests or testing problems, especially if it involves instrumentation.  Must be able to concentrate on work in the presence of much noise and often confusion.   E. HIPAA – treat all patient information as private and never discuss with others not directly involved with the patient’s care.

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