Plainview Medical Clinic is the most recent addition to the Chambers Memorial Hospital family of clinics.  The clinic, formerly Plainview Clinic, functions with one family practice physician, two nurse practitioners and six support staff.  The Plainview Medical Clinic was added to the Chambers Hospital team in August 2012.  The Plainview Medical Clinic practitioners include Dr. John Westwood who has 30 years of family practice experience, as well as practicing endoscopy at Chambers Memorial Hospital; Cynthia Day, Advanced Nurse Practitioner with 14 years experience; and Bonita Westwood, Advanced Nurse Practitioner with 8 years experience.  This team is dedicated to help improve the lives and health of their patients throughout our service area.

LOCATION: 102 N Garfield Avenue, Plainview, AR  72857

SERVICES: The Plainview Medical Clinic is open Monday through Friday from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm. Please call (479) 272-4236 to schedule an appointment.  Walk-ins are welcome.